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"There are two things that I am feeling very strongly about

"There are two things that I am feeling very strongly about; 1. putting a baby 👶 to sit 🧘 too early and 2. making a baby stand 🧍 when he/she is not ready " Monja Boonzaier

A very important part of HBF' work is to educate parents/caregivers about allowing their children to explore their environment and help them become aware of their bodies through movement , touch and play.

Transitioning to sitting up and standing independently are very important stages of early development. Both of these require coping with balance and weight bearing in an upright organization . Sitting and standing are not static (not moving) it is dynamic (with movement) with gentle rocking or swaying which helps to maintain balance . A baby who is being put to sit or stand too early :

1. will stiffen up in order to hold themselves in order not to fall over

2. when the balance system is not ready and the baby falls over it brings fear to move and is limiting in itself

3. interferes with the child's process of learning through exploring and finding their own movement possibilities

4. It heightens dependency on parents which can lead to frustration for the child

We invite parents/caregivers to reach out to us with questions and concerns about your baby's development. We would love ❤️ to help where we can.

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