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  • Monja Boonzaier

In Celebration of Human Rights Day in South Africa, HBF is spreading awareness on the importance of the crucial role that Early Childhood education plays for the future of all children starting at the age of 0.

The South African Broadcasting Association (SABC) visited and filmed part 3 of 4 Introductory Workshops where HBF's main objective is to run a pilot project in Kliptown, Soweto to train unemployed woman in the community to become caregivers and therefore creating employment and to educate parents about the importance of stimulation and interaction for the development of their child.

Early Childhood Stimulation /Mothers being taught how to interact with their babies in Kliptown, Soweto was broadcasted on National News in South Africa in celebration of Human Rights Day.

This explorative and experiential learning is inspired by Postural Integration (an approach that works with body, emotions and thought), Emmi Pikler approach (Pikler believed that parents and caregivers need to take the time to make nappy changing, feeding, bathing and dressing, an unhurried and pleasant quality time – with the baby being an active partner) The Feldenkrais Method and Chava Shelhav Child'space method.

Today Monja Boonzaier and Ilan Ossendryver supported 9 teachers and their families of the Kliptown Community Daycare Center with Food donations. The daycare Center does not get support from goverment. Please enjoy the short film and thanks to all supporters:

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South Africa has been in full lockdown since March 27th because of Corona and all Schools were closed since March 18th. SA is currently under extended lockdown until April 30th. It is anticipating lockdown to be Extended once again.

I ask myself this question: how are teachers in underprivileged areas surviving? There are schools and day care centres who do not receive any financial contribution from government during this lockdown period. The teachers from the Kliptown Community Day Care Centre rely totally on school fees from parents, who during this lockdown have not been paying school fees. How do these teachers provide food for their children and families?

H. B. F would like to make a donation of R4000 (200 €) towards groceries for all teachers of the Kliptown Community Day Care Centers. The principle of the day care centre will send a list of essential foods to Monja Boonzaier (Director of H. B. F) who will buy the food and devide fairly amongst all the teachers. H. B. F will arrange delivery to Kliptown Soweto where teachers will collect their food parcels.

If anyone would like to make a further contribution please contact Monja on: or use contact form.

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