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One of our volunteers overcame his biggest FEARs

On the 14th of August 2022 Dean Appleton completed a tandem parachute jump to raise awareness and funds.

thinking will not overcome FEAR but action will

...W Clement Stone

The 3 things I FEARed are… why did I descend at 220km/h?

   heights...why did I jumping from 11,000 feet?

   the sensation of takes 7 minutes to reach the ground!

I took action and faced these FEARs by skydiving in tandem and putting it to a good cause. All proceeds are going to an organisation that I have been volunteering for and feel very passionate about.

My target is R11,000.00, R1.00 for every foot I descend. 

All donations can be reciprocated with a Section 18A certificate. 

German Embassy NMD Flyer.jpg
NMD Flyer.jpg

We were excited to live streaming our 67min Early Childhood Education session on July 18th from Kliptown, Soweto!
Time: 11am – 12.07pm (SAST)
Many people attend from all around the world in the true spirit of Nelson Mandela Day.

The Nelson Mandela 67 minutes campaign encourages everyone to take 67 min out of their day to bring people around the world together to do something for their community.
This year HBF collaborated with the Steve Sekano Foundation where we empowered underprivileged youth through a big soccer donation drive.
We handed out soccer gear to 67 children, supporting disadvantaged schools!

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