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About Manoko Nchwe

Manoko is a leader with unique attributes, community activist, strategist, negotiator, mother and grandmother. Her career started in the union movement of the 1980's, subsequently moved to corporate South Africa as a strategist, moving on to become chief negotiator for the state in 2000.

She is a retired Lieutenant General of the South African Police Service and amongst a very few women who served at the top of Police structures, post democratic dispensation. Manoko served on the board of International Association of Women Police, becoming it's first conveyor for the continent of Africa.

Manoko continuously pushes an agenda on children's issues, the destitute/poor, people living with disabilities and the old and vulnerable groups. 


Currently she's has served SASSA, in an advisory capacity and DSD as a specialist. Further, she's serves on the board of Citizens ZA.

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