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Squeezing Hands On Technique

The teachers from Nanga Vhutsilo School learnt the importance of touching 🤝 with awareness and intention;

• Calming the nervous system

• Mapping the body part to the brain 🧠

• Very useful for kinesthetic learning (through physical activities)

• Helping us express emotions (anger 😡, sadness 😭, fear, pleasure, disgust, surprised 😲)

Monja is emphasizing how through touch the children can connect with their self-image by becoming more aware of their bodies. Children with poor body awareness are often uncoordinated and clumsy and don't speak very clearly. This is why it is so critical that children learn to connect with their bodies from as young as birth!

As you are sitting there reading this, why not try the squeezing on yourself and comment with your feedback on how it makes you feel, we would ❤️ to hear from you

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