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Passion in the Work

Early Childhood Education is Founding Director Monja Boonzaier’s passion and her dream is to develop a ground-breaking Early Childhood Educational training program, unique to the South African culture.

As part of South Africa’s Heritage Day (Sept 24th) Monja shared with the mothers how important it is to give consistent meaningful and unconditional attention to their babies. Positive and meaningful attention instils a message of trust and security in children. This helps them feel seen, valued and loved, parents are encouraged to nurture this connection from infancy continuously throughout into adulthood.  

HBF believes that Early Learning between 0 and 2 years is critical for a child’s development and we want to make it available to all communities!

If you would like to make a contribution towards our heartfelt work please click on our donation page. If you would like to help spread our work, please like, share or comment on our post.

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