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"If Monja puts this into our curriculum, it will be a big big thing"

"If Monja puts this into our curriculum, it will be a big big thing , because I think it is going to go world 🌎 wide " Mapule Motsepe (principle of the Kliptown Community pre-school) quoted from Documentary made by Swiss filmmaker Cristina Karrer in 2019.

This post is dedicated 👏to an incredible resilient and passionate (about children👩‍👦) woman, Mapule Motsepe who has walked with us from the very start and could not attend the HBF classroom launch in November.

All of our work (community service in 2018/19 , Pilot project in 2021, 2nd project 2022) happened at the Kliptown Community pre-school where Mapule made available the use of ; first the baby room (where we spent time with the babies and worked with the teachers of the school) and then a classroom for our weekly projects where we started working with mothers and babies from the Kliptown community. Due to lack of funds in 2022 we could not financially contribute to rental of the space and Mapule generously kept her doors open for us. Without your generosity we would not have been able to continue our work, thank you for going out of your way to arrange with your staff (Peter and Makhala ) to open for us every Saturday, helping to recruit new mothers and availing yourself to continuously speak to the mothers about the importance of our work.

Thank you for your invaluable support 🙏over these past 4 years!

We ❤️ you deeply!

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