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Just Be- By Monja Boonzaier

Why must we bear the weight of strength,

For whom do we carry this burden, at length?

Does fear guide our choice, shape our course?

Fear of what, and fear of whom, in force?

Why do we yearn to embody might,

As if weakness is a shameful plight?

Does strength bring recognition, worth?

While weakness diminishes us on Earth?

Where did this notion find its place,

That strength is admirable, while weakness we erase?

Why do we strive to be strong or weak,

To fit the molds that society seeks?

Can we simply not just be,

Unburdened by those who decree?

Why must we chase power's illusion,

And deny our true selves in delusion?

For it is in embracing our authentic being,

That we find the solace we've been seeking.

Let us release the need for external acclaim,

And embrace the freedom of being untamed.

Strength or weakness, good or bad,

These judgments are constructs we've had.

Let us break free from societal norms,

And honor the uniqueness each person forms.

Can we not choose to be who we want to be,

Not for another’s sake, but for ourselves to see?

In life's grand design, a tapestry so fine,

Threads and colors intertwine, divine.

Embrace yourself, be true, and be free,

For in being yourself, your essence shall decree.

Why conform to molds set by another,

When authenticity beckons, ready to uncover?

By Monja Boonzaier

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