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Hamba Bamba Funda's Early Childhood Education Program 2022...week 2

An important part of HBF’s work is to offer emotional support to the mothers, creating a safe space where they can feel, seen, heard and valued. When we asked one of the mothers on Saturday how we can support her she said; being here with you and speaking about what happened helps me a lot. As of Mental Health Awareness month we invite members of the public to offer a listening heart and ear to someone in need.

Talking to someone you can trust (very important to feel safe) can assist that you don’t keep emotions inside, it helps to release built-up tension. Taking through problems that worry us is crucial for our Mental Health and wellbeing. Gabor Mate says; whenever there is tension it requires attention. As a start just recognize the tension/pain in your body and pay attention to it. If we don’t talk about what is going on inside of us it may result in a build-up of tension and feelings which can result in a burst out when we least expect it, which can be harmful to loved ones, especially if young children are around.

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