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Interviews : Hamba Bamba Funda's Early Childhood Development Pilot Project

We headeding off to Kliptown to interview everyone as a starting point for the Pilot Project. Anticipation was back in the air, would all the ladies arrive and could we capture quality footage on a borrowed camera?. The 21 interviewee Caregivers had been given time slots to arrive so they could complete indemnity form and talk to Monja about themselves and their baby so she could get to know them better on a personal basis. Questions were asked such as ·how was the pregnancy/birth of the child? ·what is life like at home? ·is your child experiencing any health problems? ·interests when not being a mother? ·why do you want to complete the program? ·is the father present/involved? ·what are your dreams/ambition in life? ·their educational background? ·as a mother, how is your health? ·how old is your child ·what Early Child Development milestones has their baby achieved for their age? "the interviews were recorded as a starting point reference for the Project to see how they progress as time move on." comments Monja

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