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Early childhood development is my passion and my dream 💭

Early childhood development is my passion and my dream 💭, to develop a ground-breaking hands-on Early Childhood 🤱🏼 Educational training program unique to the South African culture.

The German Embassy 🇩🇪 has awarded Hamba Bamba Funda funds to purchase a modular classroom which will enable us to offer SETA (Sector Education and training Authority of South Africa) accredited Early Childhood Education programs from 2023.

The Modular Training Centre will be an important steppingstone for Hamba Bamba Funda to expand its unique Early Childhood Education Program into a new location (Dobsonville) within Soweto. This will enable us to train quality 👌caregivers with a view of them being released into the ECD sector, gaining employment and breaking the cycle of poverty. Most importantly, if we want to build a strong foundation for children and see them thrive we need to nurture their development from birth!

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