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A Suprise from the German Ambassador

"Early Childhood Development🤱🏼 is very important, we have to provide education to our children 👨‍👦 and also to small children 👶, the children are our future" German 🇩🇪 Ambassador Andreas Peschke

The German Ambassador surprised everyone at HBF's modular classroom launch (18 Nov) when he addressed the guests in fluent Zulu and left everyone in awe! (It's worth watching 👀 the Ambassador's address)

What an Incredible privilege and honor to host Andreas Peschke and Delegation members of the German Embassy Susanne Kieffer and Sebastian Haas at HBF's new premises in Dobsonville, Soweto.

As Founding Director, (Monja Boonzaier) I would like to thank 🙏 the German Embassy of Pretoria for their incredible support towards enabling our organization to grow in order to reach a wider community within Soweto.

This modular classroom will enable us to broaden and build a lifelong learning foundation for the babies and train caregivers with a view of them being released into the sector, gaining employment and breaking the cycle of poverty.

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