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A Childs Stability

A big part of the work Hamba Bamba Funda aspires to lies in educating 🎓 the parents/caregivers about the importance of early development between the ages of 0 and 2 years.

Part of the process is to show caregivers how to support (and not interfere) their baby within the various stages of his/her development. One way is to get the parent🤱🏼 to experience what the baby feels. Monja is giving Mother Busi an #embodied experience of what it feels like to stand with legs together (less stable) and wide (more stable) to bring understanding to the process of stability needed for walking.

Baby Minenthle (1year & 1month) is now able to stand by herself for longer without holding on to anything or falling over. During this session Busi was showed how she can help Minenthle to bring awareness and stability through her legs. Stomping the feet brings vibration from the floor through the entire body and introduces weight-shifting necessary for walking.

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