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21th April 2020: Launch of our new Homepage - thanks to all supporters!

Many thanks to all supporters who made it possible for our new website to be available on the World Wide Web as of today.

This is a big step towards public Relations for Hamba. Bamba. Funda. I am particularly pleased about the active support in creating the website from Anja Eichen ( for setting up the content management System and the layout, Maria Oesberg for support with the creation of the texts and Ingo Nienhaus ( for the technical realization.

The initiative to create the website goes back to our 1st funding workshop on October 15th, 2019 in Cologne (Germany). I got so much love and support from the workshop participants.

I would like to thank all participants in the workshop: Anja, Katrin, Niklas, Christian, Melanie, Daniel, Ingo, Sabine, Gerard, Alexander, Carmen, Maria and Romi!

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